Shot from Pandora's Our Sisterhood series featuring DJ collective Creole Cuts.

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Creole Cuts, a collective of DJs and creatives celebrating the sounds of their Caribbean heritage based in South London. Their shared passion for discovering their own identity through records and music has united them in their own space for exploration and learning.

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The trio sees DJing as a way of reconnecting to their roots as well as each other. Join the group on a tuneful journey of collective self-discovery, as they spin new and old-school tracks.


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Irene Baqué is the cutting-edge director behind Soul Sisters and and the other Our Sisterhood stories. For this series, Baqué provides an insight into the everyday existence of women from different ages, backgrounds and stages of life, showing the importance of being able to rely on other women to get through the highs and lows. “As a woman who grew up in a very normative environment, I’ve been drawn to people who have a very different reality from mine,” she explains. With an appreciation for raw, colourful visuals, Baqué captures the intimate and powerful nature of sisterly bonds with each film. “I liked the fact that I was given the opportunity to portray inspiring women,” she says, “and to explore topics I felt passionate about and could give a voice to.”

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The women of Creole Cuts explains that part of their identity is being mixed race in Britain, the different challenges or experiences they go through as part of that. Together we have this little community where nothing’s the wrong answer, nothing’s invalidated, we are just free and liberated to express ourselves.

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"I was interested in exploring how someone’s identity shapes creativity and Creole Cuts have created a platform to explore their Caribbean heritage and give voice to women of the diaspora." — Irene Baqué, director

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