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Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-Grown diamonds are optically, chemically, thermally, and physically identical to mined diamonds but created above ground.

Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds are grown using the Chemical Vapor Deposition technology (CVD) that results in a diamond rough. The rough diamond is cut and polished into unique, individual diamonds the same way that diamonds have always been cut and polished.

They are a remarkable example of how innovation can replicate the natural growing process.

Lab vs natural diamonds?

The 4Cs of lab-grown diamonds

Optically, chemically, thermally and physically identical to mined diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds are held to the same standards of beauty and quality, known as the 4Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat.

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Cut defines a diamond’s personality and fire. By perfecting precise angles, proportions and symmetry, every stone we create is masterfully cut to draw maximum brilliance and sparkle. All of our lab-grown diamonds are excellent cut.

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A lab-grown diamond’s clarity grade evaluates flawlessness, overall value and beauty. Among the most perfect and beautiful in the industry, all of our diamonds are VS+ - with no imperfections visible to the naked eye.

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Like a report card on how white or colourless a stone is, diamonds are graded from D to Z. When it comes to ours, only G-J (near colorless) make the grade for best-in-class brilliance.

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Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, not the size. Our lab-grown diamonds come in multiple carat weights. No matter which carat weight you choose, the quality of the other 3Cs remains as promised.

How do the Pandora lab-grown diamonds have a lower environmental impact?

Our promises to you

Sustainably lab-created diamonds

Setting a shining example

Since August 2022, Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds have been grown, cut and polished using only renewable energy and hand-set in jewellery crafted from 100% recycled silver and gold. Read more here.

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IGI-certified stones

Pandora follows international diamond industry association (CIBJO) standards to ensure that weight is always at or above the target we promise. All stones at 0.50 ct. and above are IGI-certified.


Standards that shine

Certified across the 4Cs, each lab-grown stone is accompanied by a certificate highlighting its exceptional standard of quality and grading.

Our Warranty

Your two-year warranty

Every lab-created diamond comes with a two-year warranty, to make sure your new forever piece fulfils all your wishes.

Hand-set stones

Our lab-grown diamonds are all round brilliant excellent cut or square princess excellent cut, reflecting IGI standards. Each stone is hand-set in the jewellery by skilled artisans, creating a piece to treasure for decades to come.

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