Shot from Pandora's Our Sisterhood series featuring mother Chaneen and daughter.

For Generations

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From one mother to another

Chaneen is a mother to two daughters, Jasmine and Ocean. She fell pregnant by chance and as such, has been vocal about the difficulties and triumphs of motherhood, sharing a realistic and raw portrayal of single motherhood

It takes a village

Four generations of women from the same family united through the struggles of motherhood. Watch Chaneen speak honestly about her motherhood experience, with her mother and grandmother right by her side.


An interview with the director

Meet Irene Baqué, the cutting-edge director behind For Generations and the other Our Sisterhood stories. For this series, Baqué provides an insight into the everyday existence of women from different ages, backgrounds and stages of life, showing the importance of being able to rely on other women to get through the highs and lows. “Lately, I’ve been drawn to giving a voice to those stories that I feel will inspire and make an impact on myself and the women around me,” she says. Baqué spent time with each group of women featured in the series in order to get to know them and capture the locations and situations that best represent them. “I wanted to uncover the different ‘something’ about each of these women and their sisterhoods that makes them unique,” she explains.

Strength in numbers

In For Generations, Irene Baqué, has captured the invaluable need for women to support each other to provide strength, resilience and confidence. Chaneen’s mother and grandmother provide support that helps and guides Chaneen in this new stage of her life. Unconditional love and support flows through this tight-knit family, united through their own experiences of motherhood. “The wisest piece of advice I’ve ever gotten from my mum and my grandma is to believe in myself and to believe that I can do it,” Chaneen says.

Symbols of Sisterhood

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Four generations

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"I’m not a mum myself yet, but as women around me start having babies, I’ve come to realise all the difficulties of having kids, as well as the impact on a woman’s body and life. So, the support that new mums need was something I really wanted to show." — Irene Baqué, director

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