They’re symbolic, sentimental and super personal and we all wear rings in a unique way, marking memories or sometimes just making a statement. With so many rings to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite designs and styling tips.

Stack them up

Let your rings do the talking with characterful clusters of stacking rings. Contrast different styles, stones, sizes and designs to create a totally individual look.

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Mix your metals

Get an instant update with an eclectic mix of sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. There is no right or wrong – it’s all about a mix and match approach.

Style them your way

Unsure what goes where? Just see what feels good and looks right. Try colourful stones or a stack of rings on your index, middle or ring finger. Or add delicate bands to your little finger or thumb.

What finger to wear a ring on

Rings have been attributed with social and cultural meanings for millenia and some still hold true. The left little finger has long been associated with family ties and signet rings that are passed down the generations. The left ring finger is saved for engagement, wedding or even promise rings and in some cultures the ring finger on the right hand is used instead. The index finger is linked with power and responsibility while since the 1920s wearing a ring on the right hand has evolved as a way to signify women’s independence. 

Make sure your rings are a perfect fit with the Pandora sizing guide.

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