Pandora Me Guide

Express your individuality with the Pandora Me collection. With a range of playful and symbolic micro dangle charms, single stud earrings, bracelets and a safety pin brooch with a heart-shaped clasp. Each piece is exclusively hand-finished and designed with symbols are open to interpretation by the person who wears it. Perfect for those who refuse to be defined and are unapologetically unique.


Micro Size

The Pandora Me charms are micro sized, meaning you can add up to 30 Pandora Me dangle charms (including spacers and a safety chain) on the Pandor Me bangle and 24 to the chain link bracelet! Mix and match the various quirky designs to curate a piece that truly expresses you.

Bracelet Compatibility

The Pandora Me Snake Chain Bracelet is smaller than existing Pandora bracelets, and the thin design has a smaller ball clasp. Likewise, the Pandora Me Bangle is proportioned to perfectly display the collection’s dangle charms. The statement Pandora Me Link Bracelet is a chunkier link bracelet that has three hinged links with a snake chain finish on which dangles can be placed. You can also add the collection’s dangle charms to necklace chains – just make sure they’re strong enough to support the weight of your chosen adornments.”

For every side of you