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Pandora Reflexions

New charms for your collection

The latest clip charm designs give a nod to the winter theme, yet are perfect for stylish moments all year long.


How to style Pandora Reflexions

The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your Pandora Reflexions bracelets and chokers. Mix and match the Pandora Shine and sterling silver finishes, clip on your favourite charms and switch them up as the mood strikes you.

Pandora Reflexions bestsellers

Get inspired by our most popular styles from the Pandora Reflexions collection.

Reflect your style

Inspired by modern architecture, each piece from the Pandora Reflexions collection allows you to play with the concept of identity through jewellery. Turn up your self-expression by wearing the letters and symbols that tell your story. We’re always adding new clip charms to add to your Pandora Reflexions bracelets and choakers.

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