Made for Mixing

Stack multiple stud earrings and choose from all shapes and sizes – teardrops, hearts, butterflies and four-leafed clovers. Mix your bright, bold studs to enliven your outfits and bring fresh sparkle to your office, first date or big night out.

Stack your studs

Studs look great on their own, but other mismatched earrings can join the party too. Stack your studs with hoops in a mix of sizes to suit your style.


Explore new trends

Mix and match your stud earrings.

Choose the right earrings for your face type

If you have a longer or ‘diamond-shaped’ face, stud earrings can accentuate your fuller, rounder features. The same is true for oval-shaped faces, where studs help draw attention to the cheekbones. With longer faces, studs are a better option than multiple hoop earrings, which can exaggerate the length. Studs are pretty versatile, and even if you have a round face, there are so many cool shapes, colours and sizes that can complement your curved lines. The secret? Make your studs work for you.

Easy to style

Subtle and discreet, your stacked stud earrings work for any occasion – dress-up or dress-down. They’re easy to pair with other accessories for a night out – try chunky stud earrings to really make a splash – or choose tiny studs (blink and you’ll miss ‘em) for a normal day at the office.

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Choose studs, not duds

Not every stud has to scream ‘statement’. Whether you want to style your hair up or down, there’s a stud for every occasion – lazy Sundays, job interviews or your epic travels. From bright gemstones for an everyday look to sparkly stud clusters on those glam nights, studs are easy to wear and effortlessly modern. What are you waiting for? Start stacking!

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