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With SmartGift

Send a gift instantly

find your gift

While we may feel a little more distant from our loved ones, show them you’re thinking of them with a gift.

How does it work?


Choose your gift

Select an item and surprise your recipient with a digitally wrapped gift via text, email or any way you like, by sharing the generated link with them. You can do this by selecting the ‘Send as a Gift’ button on our product pages.


They customize it

Your recipient digitally opens their gift and can then choose to edit the size of the item, or swap it for something of the same price or less, if it’s not quite right for them. They can do this before you pay for their gift. They can also confirm their preferred delivery address.


We send it

Once the recipient has confirmed their gift, you will receive a notification to then complete the purchase as you normally would. You can now relax, knowing that their perfect gift is on the way to them.

SmartGift FAQs