While it's undeniably exciting to witness our favourite celebrities spill the details of their engagement, what truly ignites our excitement are the particulars of their dazzling ring. Which gemstone did they opt for? Are they embracing the allure of gold or exuding the elegance of silver?

Undoubtedly, our style icons are setting the stage for our own engagement ring aspirations, and to find out more, we've delved into the celebrity engagements of 2023 and beyond to unveil the trendsetters shaping the landscape of engagement ring styles.

Our jewellery experts also share their insights on the engagement ring trends to expect in 2024.


By analysing Google search data and social media metrics, like the volume of posts on X (Twitter) and mentions in online news articles, we analysed the celebrity engagement rings of 2023 to identify which reign supreme in popularity.

Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things, claims the top spot for engagement ring popularity. Her engagement announcement on April 11, 2023, triggered a social media storm, showcasing her yellow gold, round brilliant ring adorned with pave diamonds. It has accumulated over 116,000 Google searches, nearly 300 posts on X, and coverage in almost 1,000 news articles.

Actress Zooey Deschanel follows closely, having announced her engagement on August 14. Her distinct ring has become 2023’s second most searched engagement ring style, featuring sapphire and white diamonds in a floral shape set within a white gold band and adorned with folie des prés. Deschanel's ring has garnered attention in over 400 news articles, securing its place as a talked-about trend.

In 2023, oval gemstone cuts were the most popular choice among celebrities. They claimed the top spot across various industries, including actors, musicians, reality TV stars, and models. This trend was complemented by platinum as the prevailing choice of band colour. Ring sets exhibited more diversity, featuring popular styles like solitaire, cluster, pave, and trilogy across various industries.


Even with all the surprise engagement announcements of 2023, certain celebrity engagement rings from the past continue to endure the test of time, remaining a source of inspiration.

Megan Fox has the most iconic celebrity engagement ring, scoring a notable 71 out of a possible 100 for her one-of-a-kind pear-cut emerald ring. The actress, who revealed her engagement to rapper and musician Machine Gun Kelly in January 2022, claims the top spot with over 210,000 online searches and a remarkable 1,999 online news articles dedicated to the distinctive ring.

Securing a close second position is Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, the model and wife of Justin Bieber. Her yellow gold, oval solitaire diamond ring continues to attract an impressive 120,000 Google searches, even though the engagement took place more than four years ago in 2018.


The rarity of a royal engagement never diminishes, and the women of the royal family, celebrated for their charity work and style, stand out as icons. In the realm of engagement rings, regal jewels consistently radiate opulence and grandeur.

In 2023, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, owns the most iconic royal engagement ring. Designed by Prince Harry, it boasts a cushioned yellow gold setting adorned with a diamond trilogy. Garnering 586,000 Google searches, Meghan’s ring received over seven times more searches than Kate Middleton’s Ceylon sapphire engagement ring, which received 74,500.

Overall, our research discovered that royal engagement rings weigh in at an average of 6.4 carats and hold an average value of £187,842.89.


While we can appreciate many celebrity engagement rings, which celebrities and their respective styles influence us the most?

We monitored Google search data around searches for celebrity engagement ring styles of 2023, correlating them with the engagement announcement dates to unveil which rings sparked the highest subsequent demand.

Notably, there was a significant surge in demand for oval-cut diamond engagement rings in February, marking a 36% increase from January. This surge coincided with the engagement announcements of Vanessa Hudgens and Ella Henderson, which occurred in January and February, respectively.


We’ve seen sapphire and diamond gemstones, and options like solitaire and trilogy settings, but what would define the perfect engagement ring for 2023?

We examined Google search data from 2023 to identify the most desired features in an engagement ring, ranging from the most frequently searched gemstone cut to the most sought-after band style.


Lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity, evident in over 500,000 global Google searches focused on the cost of these alternatives. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, and Meghan Markle have already embraced lab-grown diamonds in their jewellery collections.

With the anticipation of lab-grown diamonds entering the celebrity engagement ring scene, we assessed the cost of the world's priciest celebrity engagement rings if crafted with lab-grown alternatives.

The substantial cost difference of lab-grown diamonds compared to natural ones is exemplified by Kim Kardashian's platinum diamond engagement ring, the most expensive ever. If it were a lab-grown alternative, it would be 58% less costly.


Are you intrigued by the newest engagement ring trends? Within the growing trend of lab-grown diamonds, our survey indicates that 70% of couples favour lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

As interest peaks, we have delved into the frequently asked questions worldwide about lab-grown diamonds online. The lab-grown diamond specialists at Pandora provide expert insights for each.

1. How much does a lab-grown diamond cost?

“The cost of a lab-grown diamond can vary depending on factors such as carat size, cut, colour, and clarity. Generally, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than their natural counterparts. Smaller lab-grown diamonds may start at a few hundred pounds, while larger or higher-quality ones could be priced in the thousands.

“To get a precise cost estimate tailored to specific preferences, you can speak to one of our experts at Pandora, who can provide insights based on individual considerations.”

2. What is a lab-grown diamond?

“A lab-grown diamond is a man-made gemstone created in a controlled environment, like a lab, instead of forming naturally underground. These diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds, as they're made of carbon arranged in a crystal structure. Produced using advanced technology, lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. They're virtually identical to natural diamonds but are created in a shorter timeframe.”

3. What are the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds?

“Lab-grown and natural diamonds are almost identical in terms of appearance and properties. However, they differ in origin, with natural diamonds forming naturally over time and lab-grown diamonds created in controlled environments.

“Lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable and considered more ethical and environmentally friendly. The choice between the two often depends on personal preferences, budget, and ethical considerations.”

4. How is a lab-grown diamond made?

“Lab-grown diamonds are made using advanced technology in a lab. There are two common methods: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

“In HPHT, carbon is exposed to high pressure and temperature to form a diamond. In CVD, a seed diamond in a gas chamber accumulates carbon layers to create a larger diamond. Both methods replicate natural diamond formation conditions, resulting in lab-grown diamonds with similar qualities to natural ones.”


Having explored the top trends of 2023, what about the styles anticipated for the future?

Check out what's in store for engagement ring trends in 2024, perfect for anyone thinking about popping the question!

Lab-grown diamonds

“Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are set to trend in 2024 due to their rising popularity driven by factors like cost-effectiveness, ethical considerations, and the ability to customise.

With increasing awareness and acceptance of these diamonds, more couples are opting for them as a sustainable and affordable alternative to natural diamonds. The evolving technology in creating lab-grown diamonds ensures high quality, making them an attractive choice for those seeking both style and ethical responsibility in their engagement rings.”

Vibrant gemstones

“In 2024, vibrant gemstone engagement rings are poised to trend, driven by a growing appreciation for the unique and personalised touch they offer.

“Gemstones, particularly birthstones, are gaining popularity for their symbolic significance and the individualised expression they bring to engagement ring designs. As couples seek distinctive and meaningful alternatives to traditional diamonds, the allure of vibrant gemstones, each with its own significance, is anticipated to significantly impact engagement ring preferences.

“The trend reflects a desire for personalised, expressive choices that go beyond conventional aesthetics.”

Distinctive centre stones

“In 2024, there is a rising trend towards distinctive centre stone engagement rings, with a notable emphasis on unique and personalised designs. The allure of these rings lies in the individuality they offer, creating a more meaningful and symbolic representation for couples.

“Heart-shaped stones, in particular, are gaining popularity for their romantic and sentimental appeal, contributing to the overall trend of seeking unconventional and expressive choices in engagement ring designs. This shift reflects a desire for personalisation and emotional resonance.

“Notably, our data reveals a 66% increase in on-site searches for heart rings between September and November 2023, indicating a heightened interest in this romantic and symbolic centre stone choice as we head into 2024.”

Stackable engagement rings

“This trend is driven by a desire for uniqueness, allowing individuals to curate a collection of rings that tell their own love story. Also known as the wedding stack, celebrities like Hailey Baldwin-Bieber have been spotted flaunting the trend.

“Stackable rings offer the flexibility to mix and match various styles, creating a customisable and ever-evolving representation of the couple's journey.”

Personalised engagement rings

“This trend includes a surge in the popularity of engraved details, allowing couples to infuse their rings with personal touches, such as significant dates, initials, or sentimental symbols.

“Personalised engagement rings provide a distinct and sentimental connection, reflecting the individuality and shared experiences of the couple. Engraving, in particular, adds an extra layer of significance, transforming the ring into a timeless and deeply personal heirloom.”

Data methodology

We conducted this research by analysing Google searches, social media engagement on platforms like Twitter, and references in online news articles to identify popular celebrity engagement rings of 2023. We also considered gemstone choices, metal preferences, and overall engagement ring styles. Insights were derived from celebrities' engagement announcements and online activities.

Additionally, our in-house jewellery experts provided insights into the predicted engagement ring trends of 2024.

The study included a thorough analysis of Google search data, social media metrics, and news mentions to gauge the popularity of celebrity engagement rings in 2023. This approach offered a comprehensive overview of engagement ring trends and highlighted influential figures in the industry.