In art we unite

To celebrate our first-ever artist collaboration, we've brought together a group of a group of multi-talented; rappers, break dancers, skateboarders, streetball players and club-goers who epitomise the energy of the Keith Haring's beloved New York playground today. Discover more about who they are, what they do and get inspired to unlock your inner artist.

Meet the world shakers and rule breakers

Meet the movers

Gretta Babakhanova, Jasmine Kennedie, Jayse Davis, Tyra Golden, Teresa Ortega , Karen Nicole and Corin Christian are part of a new wave of talents influencing the NYC club scene, who encapsulate the infectious energy of the city today.


Meet the speakers

Bohan Phoenix, Rocky Snyda and Raydeo are all rappers who are bringing fresh perspectives to the New York rap scene.

Meet the skaters

Danielle Melendez, Vendela, Yasmeen Wilkerson and Marisa Silva are New York-based skateboarders. Alongside skating, Danielle and Marisa are artists and models. Yasmeen is also an actress.


Meet the shakers

Michael Narine, Nadjaya Marie Delgado and Gio J Velez are break-dancers, based in New York: a modern day equivalent of the dancers that permeated the 1980s downtown scene that inspired Keith Haring.

Meet the players

Ali Shaaban, Ayelen, Calvin C, Jasmine Harris and Nico Ferranti are New York streetball players who channel the energetic atmosphere of NYC that influenced Keith Haring’s work.

Keith Haring x Pandora Collection

This collaboration has now ended. Explore our other exclusive collaborations below.

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