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Zodiac of the month

It's Aquarius season: a zodiac sign known for their optimistic, innovative and eccentric energy. January's mythical water bearers are drawn to the shades of electric blue and red – fitting, as the Aquarius gemstone is the deep-hued garnet.

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Styles inspired by Aquarius gems

Welcome to the world of Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign of the zodiac. Known for their fiery optimism, eccentricity and rebellious nature, traits that are harnessed by the blazing red hue of a garnet. These mythical water bearers find affinity in feather, blue butterfly and orchid flower symbols – symbols of which have inspired our latest range of Aquarius jewellery.


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Wear your initial – or that of a loved one – wherever you go, with pieces that are sure to lend a truly personal touch.