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Little acts of love


Celebrate with all your heart

A little act of love is an everyday moment that’s treasured forever. A special effort that softly says “You are my person... and this is what you mean to me."" For every little act of love, for every couple’s story, there is a perfect piece of Pandora jewellery and a moment to be celebrated. Join us this Valentine’s Day to share yours.

Lock in your love with our new collection

The perfect way to express your love, our new padlock and key charms are instantly recognisable symbols of the bonds you share. Two charms in one, wear yours around your neck as a pendant or as a charm on your bracelet and let the one you love carry the key to your padlock - and your heart. Inspired by the locks placed on bridges by lovers around the world, wear and share this Pandora piece to capture your modern love. Style it with our new heart charms, the ultimate symbols of unconditional love.

Share the love

Show us your little acts of love by tagging @theofficialpandora with hashtag #PandoraLittleActsofLove. We can't wait to see each unboxing and every "I love it!" moment. Give one of our new padlock charms to your special someone and let them know they hold the key to your heart. Or create a classic Valentine's Day surprise with sparkling heart charms and jewellery.

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