Mix and match ear studs, hoops and ear jackets in sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine and create your own earring stacking look with meaningful pieces.

Earring stacking style guide

Ear candy stacking

Stacking earrings can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Mix different styles, sizes and metal tones from one ear to the other, or over one ear if you have multiple piercings.

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The Muses and the makers

Discover the story of sustainability and craftsmanship at the heart of Pandora together with the Pandora Muses.

Pandora Signature

Create to your own signature style with the perfect earrings, and add some sparkle to your look.

Hand on vinyl record, wearing Pandora Signature stacked rings and charm bracelet

Your signature stacks

With Earrings from the Pandora Signature collection, it's easy to find your new go-to look.