How to style your rings

A radiant solitaire stone. A mixed-metal stack. A sparkling eternity band. Rings can hold such personal meanings for us, symbolising love and commitment to a partner or a family bond – and they can also be a versatile styling piece to switch up your look, from subtle to bold.

Whether you want to experiment with different stones and finishes or get tips for creating your ultimate stack, we’re here with the inspiration you need for how to style your rings

The different ring styles

Before you delve into styling, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the different types of rings you can wear. Here are the most popular ring styles we wear day-to-day:



These rings are designed to be stacked on a finger to create a unique look



A solitaire ring has one large stone in the middle, making a bold style statement



Usually a simple, plain ring, but they can be adorned with pavé crystals too



Signet rings have a flat front, which is usually decorated with patterns or stones

Most popular rings

The meaning behind ring placements

We all know our left ring finger has a romantic hidden meaning, but did you know there are special associations with our other fingers, too?


Left hand

Pinky finger: Historically, married men wore rings on their left pinky finger

Ring finger: Arguably the most meaningful placement, as this is where we wear our wedding rings

Middle finger: As the tallest finger, wearing a ring here reflects power

Index finger: As powerful ancient figures used to wear rings here, it symbolises leadership and ambition

Thumb: As an independent finger, wearing a ring on your thumb communicates freedom of thought


Right hand

Pinky finger: Rings worn on this finger usually celebrate a profession or qualification

Ring finger: In some countries, wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger

Middle finger: Same as the left hand, the right middle finger has symbolisms of power

Index finger: As the pointer finger on many people’s dominant hand, it can symbolise authority and leadership 

Thumb: Wearing a ring on either thumb reflects strength and freedom of thought

Our ring styling tips

Looking for some ring styling inspo? Check out our top four ways of styling rings to create a look that celebrates you:

1 Stack multiple rings

2 Wear a single statement ring 

3 Mix different metals for a fun look

4 Wear a ring set for easy styling 

Learn more about our top ring styling tips below…

1: Stacking rings

We love stacking our rings. Wear two, three or as many rings as you can fit on one finger to create a stack that speaks to your style. Not sure what ring size you need for each finger? Take a look at our ring size guide .

If you love the stacked ring look but aren’t sure how to bring your vision to life, here are some tips to get you started:

2: Wearing one statement ring style

Keeping it simple? You can still make an impact with one statement ring. Chunky solitaire rings are perfect for this look, with one central stone that catches the eye.

Looking for your new favourite statement ring? Solitaire rings decorated with cubic zirconia or lab-grown diamonds have a classic sparkling look that matches any outfit. For a bold twist, we love coloured stones. Whether you choose royal blue, rich green or vibrant red, a statement ring with a colourful stone creates an instant focal point.

How to wear a statement ring

You can wear your statement ring on any finger; there are no rules! It’s popular to wear them on the middle or ring finger for a balanced effect.

3: Mix metal finishes

Mixed metal jewellery styling is having a moment – and we think it’s here to stay! Mixing gold and silver tones is a popular way to wear rings, adding contrast and dimension to your stacks.

Here are some tips for combining ring styles with different finishes:

4. Wear a ring set

Still in need of inspiration for how to style rings? A pre-styled set is the perfect starting point. Our ring sets have been carefully curated, so you know you’ll be wearing styles that perfectly complement each other.

From sterling silver wishbone shapes to mixed metal sets, find a ring combination to manifest the style you have in mind.

If you’ve got a thing for rings, we hope these tips sparked some inspiration. For a full jewellery look, check out our style tips for more ideas on styling your Pandora pieces.