Neckline, defined

Make it pop. Don’t stop. Choose one - go refined. Layer three necklaces with curved lines. We’re seeing sophistication, we’re seeing clean, graphic style, we’re seeing your signature style come into focus. One million times yes.

How to create impactful layers with necklaces

When it comes to layering necklaces, only you know how many feels right. We recommend starting with your favourite piece, closest to your face and working your way down the neckline. The best part? Some of our styles are reversible, so you can switch it up if your plans change.


Pendants, please

The key to making a layered look with pendant necklaces stand out is wearing different chain lengths to frame them. Creating space between each piece allows them to breathe and elevates the whole look.

Layers look good on you

Size matters, also with pendants. Going bigger with each layer makes any outfit look more interesting. You can also adjust the lengths of your necklaces, so there's that. Hello options.