Created with Love

Pandora’s SVP Creative Directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli are the creative duo that bring the Pandora jewellery vision to life. They joined the brand back in 2016 and have been guiding the creative direction and design creation ever since. Through the art of craftsmanship, Francesco and Filippo work closely with materials such as lab-grown diamonds, sterling silver and gold-plating, when creating pieces that enable you to harness the different types of love in your life.

Innovation, design and craftsmanship are at the heart of the jewellery we create at Pandora. With every new collection, Francesco and Filippo approach it with a combination of care, consideration and of course, creativity. From collecting inspiration and selecting high-quality materials to crafting their jewellery designs utilising innovative techniques, each piece is given the time, attention and quality control it deserves.

They share an appreciation for the art of craftsmanship; a trait that is evident in every Pandora collection. When working with high-quality materials like sterling silver, they use oxidisation in their favour to enhance every detail of many pieces. The metal must be 92.5% pure silver to be considered sterling silver. And Pandora pieces always are.


Honouring love through craftsmanship

Francesco and Filippo share an appreciation for the art of craftsmanship; a trait that is evident in every Pandora collection. For example, our high-quality sterling silver is such an iconic material because it’s durable, robust and resilient, making it perfect for everyday wear since it maintains its colour and lustre.

The creation of every piece of Pandora jewellery is a carefully-orchestrated journey, where our talented craftspeople in Thailand work their magic using a variety of different materials and methods. A piece of jewellery can pass through up to 25 pairs of hands during the steps of the crafting process. This special care and consideration makes sure that no enamel pieces are exactly the same. The process is a true labour of love.

We are dedicated to honouring love through our craftsmanship. A central theme throughout the entire process – from creative vision to design and development – hinges around the idea that jewellery is the tool through which we’re able to give voice to people's loves. It’s the realisation that the expression of the most illustrious kind of love starts with action.


“The one thing we are guaranteed to share in our human experience is our capacity to give, receive and share love. It’s not only the red thread that weaves together the special highlights and moments within our collections – but within our lives, as well. And our jewellery becomes a tool to enable the wearer to express that love.”

– Pandora’s SVP Creative Directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli

Introducing: sterling silver

Durable, robust and resistant, sterling silver is an ideal choice for high-quality jewellery. But it's more than just the practical choice: it also appeals to an emotional desire to have a piece that can weather the passage of time along with its wearer.

But what is sterling silver exactly? Sterling silver is what’s known as a metal alloy, and to be considered sterling silver, the alloy must contain at least 92.5% pure silver.

Modern and minimal, sterling silver is guaranteed to be a contemporary choice – discover our latest pieces crafted from sterling silver today.

Dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, we’re thrilled to announce that, as of now, we only source 100% recycled silver. We expect that by the end of the year, all our new silver products will be produced with 100% sterling silver.


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