Diamonds by Pandora

What are lab-created diamonds?

Exquisitely beautiful, lab-created diamonds

Strong and unique, we are each a collection of our experiences, accomplishments, loves and passions – and have so much to celebrate. Let’s mark these moments with pieces that reflect our dreams, independence and values. Pieces that have meaning and shine as bright as we do. These aren’t once-in-a lifetime diamonds, they’re lab-created diamonds that celebrate our power to shine every day. Diamonds by Pandora.

Setting a shining example

Our collection of exquisitely beautiful, lab-created stones mark a new day for diamonds. Identical to mined diamonds, each lab-created diamond is individually crafted, with exacting standards for remarkable cut, color and clarity. Every stone is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans who are obsessed with breathing fire and beauty into every diamond.

The 4Cs

Identical to mined diamonds, our lab-created diamonds are held to the same standards of rarity and value, known as the 4Cs. Each stone is individually crafted, but we accept only those with our exacting standards for cut, color and clarity.


Cut defines a diamond’s personality and fire. By perfecting precise angles, proportions and symmetry, every stone we create is masterfully cut to draw maximum brilliance and sparkle. All of our lab-created diamonds are round brilliant, excellent cut – the highest standard for cut.


A diamond’s clarity grade evaluates flawlessness, overall value and beauty. Among the most perfect and beautiful in the industry, all of our diamonds are VS+ - with no imperfections visible to the naked eye.


Like a report card on how white or colourless a stone is, diamonds are graded from D to Z. When it comes to ours, only near colourless, J quality or better, makes the grade for best-in-class brilliance.


Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, not the size. Our diamonds come in multiple carat weights. No matter which carat weight you choose, the quality of the other 3Cs remains as promised.

Celebrate your power to shine

It’s a new day for diamonds. Discover our full collection of exquisitely beautiful, lab-created diamonds that celebrate your power to shine.

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Gift Packaging

The Diamonds by Pandora collection will be delivered to you in our luxurious new packaging. Not only does it serve as elegant gift wrapping for your lab-created Diamonds, it is also sustainably produced (recycled cardboard, FSC paper, RPET material & water based varnish).