The baguette cut is one of the most popular and timeless ‘step’ cuts, indicative of true jewellery craftsmanship. We bring this classic cut to the forefront this season by combining creativity and craftsmanship to reimagine new styles for its shape.

The baguette cut is definitely not square in look or attitude. Its parallel rectangular facets, arranged in a terrace-like fashion, symbolise the steps to new adventures or that led you to a moment in time. The crisp, continuous flow of our arrangements and settings mirror the current of water, frozen forever.

split_1_1 (1)
Moments Sterling Silver Charm Bangle
No. 590713
2x Chiselled Elegance Charm
No. 797746CZ
£60.00 x 2
Ice Sculpture Spacer
No. 797529CZ
Pave Sphere Charm
No. 797540CZ
Cosmo Tommy Charm
No. 797561CZ


Our festive Christmas charms showcase new levels of traditional, hand-finished details, radiant from every angle.

All the beautifully crafted finishing touches bring you closer to the story, making you feel like you are central to the scene. You are, because of the unique way you gift or wear the charms.