“Deeply personal like handwriting, every woman has a unique way to wear and style jewellery. We want to inspire women to express themselves in ways that feel true to them, whether it’s with delicate, feminine designs or party-ready statement pieces, or both. We wanted to design jewellery that can be stacked, mixed and matched; something that works round-the-clock,” explain Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli about their thoughts behind their second collection for PANDORA.


At the heart of the new collection lie iconic PANDORA elements - the logo, the heart and the pavé detailing - reworked to contemporary codes and combined with innovative, customisable features that allow women to show their signature style throughout the day. “Every woman is multifaceted, and jewellery should reflect that,” they say. “That’s why our new collection is all about personalisation. Women can take their looks from day to night in the blink of an eye just by flipping a piece of jewellery, stacking or adding new dimensions to bracelets and necklaces with charms.” 

Forever PANDORA Signature Stud Earrings
No. 297446CZ
PANDORA Logo Spinning Necklace
No. 397410CZ
PANDORA Logo Reversible Necklace
No. 397420CZ
PANDORA Logo Necklace
No. 397445CZ
Silver Collier Necklace - 45 CM
No. 590412-45
2x Flipping Hearts of PANDORA Ring
No. 197404CZ
£80.00 x 2
2x PANDORA Logo Ring
No. 197437CZ
£60.00 x 2

Launching now, the new collection enables women to express different sides of themselves in a playful way thanks to reversible, moveable and customisable details that mix, match, reverse, flip, spell and combine.