The formula of personal style

Whether you’re a fan of less is more and gravitate towards uncomplicated silhouettes and unfussy embellishments, a maximalist to the hilt, or a style chameleon, changing your expression to suit your mood, select the pieces that speak to you to create the building blocks of your jewellery look. Play with variations and add or subtract pieces to shake up your every day looks.
Our new designs feature carefully considered details that move with you—from dangling, stone-studded circles to reversible necklace bars and rings and earrings with removable elements.

PANDORA Logo Reversible Necklace
No. 397420CZ
PANDORA Logo Spinning Necklace
No. 397410CZ
PANDORA Logo Necklace
No. 397445CZ

The A, B, C of Style

PANDORA’s Alphabet charms series showcases 26 letters cast in sterling silver and embossed with dots and hearts. The minimalist, sculptural designs are the perfect starting point for personal looks that emphasise a mood or underscore your identity. Mirror image letters are reversible—putting a 360-degree spin on your style.

Simply string your edit on a bracelet or necklace chain to sign your initials or honour someone special, write a meaningful word, spell out a statement across multiple bracelets, or create a personal combination together with other favourites. 

From BFF and ME & YOU to LOVE and FOREVER, make your memorable combinations. Personal style starts here.