Make gifting personal

What do you want to tell her? That you love her? Appreciate her? Or are simply thinking of her? Choose a gift that shows you’ve thought about the receiver. Whether it says something about your relationship, is customised to her taste, or conveys a heartfelt message, a present that’s tailored to her is sure to bring joy.

Do your homework
Did she recently lose her necklace? Did she just have a baby? Does she like the colour blue? Look at what’s happening in her life to find a gift that matches her needs. If you’re really at a loose end you can see if she has a PANDORA Wish List, filled with gift inspiration for your next purchase. 
Wrap up well
The act of unwrapping a gift is an event in itself, and a little effort goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but carefully chosen wrapping paper and a handwritten card underscore the care and attention you’ve spent on finding the perfect gift.