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Autumn style with regal embellishments

Inspired by the influential female figures of the Renaissance – a time where femininity began to become immortalised in paint and marble by artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli – our Autumn 2018 collection draws inspiration from the strong and inspirational female leaders of that era. 

The Renaissance was a time when women began to take their role in history. Icons of style and power – like Elizabeth I of England and Caterina de' Medici, queen of France – started to define the idea of regal femininity through their attire and adornments. Already then, jewellery was a vital part of self-expression.

Our new collection of autumn style combines inspiration from these female Renaissance figures and our own Scandinavian fairy tale feeling to create a captivating story. Empower yourself with a sense of regal enchantment and embody the royal woman that you are inside.

Autumn Collection

Exploring a sense of regality

An interview with PANDORA VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli about their inspiration for our new jewellery collection of autumn style. 

Autumn Collection
PANDORA Reflexions Rose Bracelet
No. 587712
PANDORA Reflexions Floating Heart Clip Charm
No. 787643
PANDORA Reflexions Sweet Bow Clip Charm
No. 787582
PANDORA Reflexions Dazzling Elegance Clip Charm
No. 787583CZ
Autumn Collection
Autumn Collection

What has inspired your Autumn 2018 collection and why?
”We were very much inspired by the Renaissance, which has fascinated us for a long time. There are many parallels between the Renaissance and women’s empowerment.”

Are there any new techniques or innovations that you have introduced?
”The new Autumn 2018 collection is all about intricate details that require high-level jewellery crafting skills, from hidden and dangling elements to delicate tapestry-inspired patterns and engravings.”