To celebrate Pride month 2024, Pandora has chosen to partner with
Switchboard, the National LGBTQIA+ Support Line. Through our financial
donation, which is not dependent on the sale of Pandora Pride Charms, we
aim to support their mission in helping individuals to navigate LGBTQIA+
topics. Switchboard provide a safe and confidential space for anyone,
regardless of their location or stage in their journey, to discuss matters
related to sexuality and gender identity with a commitment to being non-
judgmental, inclusive, empowering, supportive, and informed.

For more information about Switchboard LGBTQIA+ Support Line please visit https://switchboard.lgbt/


In 2022 the Pandora UK team launched ‘Pride at Pandora’, an internal network to support our LGBTQ+ colleagues, provide peer-to-peer support and raise awareness of LGBTQ+ inclusion. The network promotes acceptance, equality, and equity, celebrates the work of LGBTQ+ people, and raises awareness of issues affecting the community.

Pride at Pandora has and continues to receive continuous engagement throughout the year. The network is led by a volunteer group of dedicated Pride champions across our store network and head office and sponsored by our UK & Ireland Sales Director, Ross Monaghan, as a representative from our leadership team.

The Pride at Pandora Network also achieved a Highly Commended recognition for LGBTQIA Network of the Year at the 2024 DIVA Awards.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Pandora, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment in our stores and offices for individuals of all backgrounds. We are proud to serve and employ people of diverse identities and believe it is our responsibility to accurately portray our community's diversity and provide resources that empower underrepresented groups. Our commitment to equality means we prioritise incorporating fair processes and providing equal opportunities. Additionally, we promote open and constructive conversations, particularly in support of the rights of underrepresented groups, to increase awareness of challenges and opportunities.