Official PANDORA Stockists

The PANDORA eSTORE is our official website which sells genuine PANDORA jewellery directly to consumers. Unfortunately due to the quality and popularity of PANDORA jewellery there has been an upsurge in websites selling counterfeit PANDORA items throughout Black Friday weekend, some of which you may have seen advertised on Facebook. By buying from the UK PANDORA eSTORE you can be confident you are purchasing genuine jewellery. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of a product purchased from any other site other than from or one of our UK official stockists, which can be found here

If you have bought from any websites not listed on our UK site, please ensure you contact your bank or credit card provider immediately for further advice.

Please be assured that every lead is a priority and investigated as soon as possible. If you suspect that a website or vendor is not genuine, please submit the web address to our Brand Protection team by email at This address can also be used for reporting eBay sellers and auctions.

To read more about counterfeits and our brand protection policy click here