How to layer a necklace

Simple and elegant, necklaces can carry deep meaning or simply work as an effortless focal point. They’re also made for pairing, so we’ve put together a necklace layering guide so you can break up your chains and make a statement.

Band together

Two’s a crowd and three’s a party when it comes to layered necklaces. Go for a mix of short, medium and long necklaces and style it out.

The layered look

Create a bold starting point – think pendants, lockets and brooches – then layer it with dainty stacked necklaces. Stick to similar shades of metal but consider a stone centrepiece for a splash of colour.

Let it hang

Lighten the load when layering necklaces. Try a lariat necklace to add length to your layers – both elongated yet elegant – and mix with a medium-length matinee necklace. Time to break up all that sparkling gold and silver.

Necklace layering guide

From the beadwork of ancient Egypt to the diamonds of French dynasties, necklaces have captured the imagination for centuries. Layering necklaces is nothing new, but you don’t have to follow in the footsteps of pharaohs to get the layered look. Choose a choker for something high up the neckline, then take the plunge with matinee, opera and rope necklaces. Your stacked necklaces won’t look tangled if you pick different lengths and most of all, go with the ones you love. Think classic, understated and ultimately, owned by you.

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