How to layer a necklace

Simple and elegant, necklaces can carry deep meaning or simply work as an effortless focal point. They’re also made for pairing, so we’ve put together a necklace layering guide so you can break up your chains and make a statement.

Band together

Two’s a crowd and three’s a party when it comes to layered necklaces. Go for a mix of short, medium and long necklaces and style it out.

The layered look

Create a bold starting point – think pendants, lockets and brooches – then layer it with dainty stacked necklaces. Stick to similar shades of metal but consider a stone centrepiece for a splash of colour.

Let it hang

Lighten the load when layering necklaces. Try a lariat necklace to add length to your layers – both elongated yet elegant – and mix with a medium-length matinee necklace. Time to break up all that sparkling gold and silver.