How to pack jewellery for a holiday

Holidays are made for having fun, and the last thing you want is to worry about losing your precious summer bracelets on the beach. Read our guide on how to pack jewellery so you can enjoy a well-earned rest without any stress.



If you’re going to chill by the pool, or wander through crowds, you may not want to risk your most precious rocks. Choose your jewellery carefully and take items that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose.


It’s all too easy to get your necklaces tangled, so why not pack light? Bring a necklace to wear while on the move, and a fancier one in a silk jewellery bag for a special occasion. No pesky tangles, no holiday dramas – just all the time in the world to relax.


Keep your gems hidden

There are a million places to lose jewellery on holiday – from your hotel bathroom to the back of your plane seat. To avoid getting burnt, keep your holiday jewellery safe in a carry-on-case – not check-in luggage – and see if your hotel offers safe storage.

Make a summer statement

Make a splash this summer with colourful charms, bangles and bracelets. What better time to rock a pearl hoop earrings or a statement ring? And if you’ve got the ocean at your feet, you can’t go wrong with a sea blue charm. When the sun sets on your holiday, get a memento to cherish your adventures. From sparkling palm tree pendants to hot air balloons and heart studs, these travelling jewellery charms ensure your summer memories will never fade.


Photo credits: @josieldn | @marikokuo