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  • 798763C00
    Daisy the Rabbit Charm
  • 798869C00
    Openwork Paw Print Charm
  • 798870C00
    Patti the Sheep Charm
  • 798695C00
    Theo Bear Charm
  • 768585C01
    Shining Rabbit Charm
  • 768592C01
    Shining Dog Charm
  • 768587C01
    Shining Rat Charm
  • 768597C01
    Shining Monkey Charm
  • 768582C01
    Shining Ox Charm
  • 768593C01
    Shining Horse Charm
  • 768594C01
    Shining Tiger Charm
  • 768589C01
    Shining Snake Charm
  • 768580C01
    Shining Dragon Charm
  • 768583C01
    Shining Goat Charm
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Pandora charms: a legacy of craftsmanship

Shaped by all the things that make you, you, our imaginative charms are made with the planet in mind, from responsibly sourced materials and recycled precious metals. Mixing traditional techniques with modern skills, our accomplished craftspeople weave a story into each design, leaving you to bring it to life.

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