Discover Grogu™ from The Mandalorian

Despite its small size, the Grogu™ from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian harnesses the strength of the Force as it discovers the surrounding galaxy and learns the power of good.

Wear the Star Wars™ story

Express your love for Star Wars™ and the Grogu™ character with styling that shows which side you're on. Keep the Force close to your heart by styling the Grogu™ charm on a necklace or wear it together with iconic characters on the Star Wars™ bracelet.


Courtesy of Lucasfilm – Mandalorian 101, 102, 104 and 105

Explore Pandora

Jack the Pumpkin King set infront of a full moon with two bats flying above.

Cast a spell with Pandora this Halloween

Boo-tiful dangles and charms


Pandora Colours

Add colour to your collection with jewellery that reflects your unique style