How To Wear Link Chain Jewellery

Our Pandora Me collection is all about celebrating the true you. From bracelets to necklaces, choose which chains and charms express your personality. Life’s too short not to experiment, so here’s how you can be bold, get creative and wear your chain links with pride.

Wear it your way

First impressions can be deceptive. On first glance, chain link necklaces create a focal point, but a cool knitted jumper or thick blazer will balance it out. Bold and edgy, the chain link look is very much on trend.

NC19_SoMe_Product_Image_PandoraMe_Link_Bracelet_Square (3)

Be bold

Link chain necklaces look effortlessly cool. Experiment with a leather skirt – faux leather if you like – and bring style and sass to the party. Whether you’re going smart-casual or super-casual, link chain jewellery has true statement making potential.

New Pandora Reflexions choker and Curb Chain Necklace with dangles from the Autumn Collection 2019

When chains meet charms

Chain link bracelets are perfect for personalising. With micro dangle Pandora Me charms you can play around with items that match your mood. Think cherry charms on a bright spring day, or shooting stars and moon dangles on the big night out.


Express yourself

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel. Who says you can’t pile on the chains and rock a baggy jumper to a house party? And in the summer months, you can always roll up your sleeves to keep your cool. Dress-up or dress-down, jewellery chain links are simply made for having fun. Think big, get creative and express the real you.