Destination Doppeltgänger Weddings

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding, but want to avoid the hassle of international travel? Imagine exchanging vows in a setting that captures the romantic charm of the Italian Riviera, adorned in elegant pearls. Or, walking down the aisle dazzling in gold jewellery that complements the backdrop of an exotic tropical paradise—all without leaving the UK.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck, as your dream destination wedding could be closer than you think. To help you on your way down the aisle, we've analysed reviews of local wedding venues in popular UK doppelganger destinations to find the most romantic settings.

By incorporating local weather data—such as rainfall chances, average temperatures, and wind speeds for capturing the perfect experience—we've created an overall ranking to reveal which doppelganger destination can give you a dream wedding without the need to travel abroad.

Top-ranked doppelgänger wedding destinations in the UK

Top-Ranked Doppelganger Wedding Destinations in the UK

The top 10 wedding destinations

Royal Pavilion, Brighton – Taj Mahal, India

Considered the top doppelganger destination for a UK wedding, Brighton’s Royal Pavilion is the UK's answer to the enchanting Taj Mahal in India. According to the venue’s wedding brochure, the Royal Pavilion was constructed for King George IV, making Brighton the heart of fashionable Regency society. This makes it an ideal choice for any Bridgerton fans seeking a romantic and regal wedding setting.

By analysing reviews that include words related to romance, weddings, and beauty, this iconic south east locations was awarded a romantic sentiment score of 77 out of 100. Choosing to celebrate your big day here also reduces the risk of a washout, as it is the second driest location after Durham Cathedral.

Royal Pavillion, Brighton_Taj Mahal, India
St Michael's Mount, Cornwall_Mont-St-Michel, France

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall - Mont-St-Michel, France

Connected by name and resemblance, you can celebrate your special day at a venue overlooking St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, mirroring the UNESCO World Heritage site—Mont-Saint-Michel—in France.

With a combination of its historical ambiance, stunning architecture, and scenic beauty, it provides a magical backdrop for any wedding celebration. It’s no surprise this destination is named the second-best doppelganger destination in the UK for a wedding with an overall score of 83 out of 100.

Hoping for outdoor wedding pictures? You might want to reconsider festive nuptials, as December is the windiest month here with wind speeds reaching 38 mph. If you prefer a summer celebration, June is your best bet, as it’s the warmest month of the year, with average temperatures around 19°C.

Castell Coch, Cardiff - Bran Castle, Transylvania

Castell Coch, nestled in the lush landscapes of Cardiff, stands as a fairytale setting with a solid overall score of 79 out of 100. This enchanting castle is reminiscent of the iconic Bran Castle in Transylvania, famously linked with the Dracula legend.

With its conical turrets and whimsical design, Castell Coch exudes a romantic ambiance that makes it a perfect wedding venue. The castle has earned a romantic sentiment score of 55, reflecting its charm and the enchanting experiences it offers to visitors and couples alike.

June is the standout month for ideal weather, with warm temperatures of 22°C, minimal rainfall at 21.9 mm, and moderate winds at 16.3 mph. August also offers favourable conditions with the least wind, at 10.4 mph, a temperature of 19.5°C, and rainfall at 14.7 mm.

If you’re keen to avoid a wet wedding then you might want to consider skipping over the months of November, December, and July in your planning, as these are recognised as the wettest months of the year in this location.

Castell Coch, Cardiff_Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania
Durham Cathedral, Durham_Notre Dame, Paris, France

Durham Cathedral, Durham - Notre Dame, Paris

From Paris to Durham, this picturesque cathedral is renowned for its Romanesque architecture and is a central feature of the Durham World Heritage Site. Reminiscent of its French counterpart, the famous Notre Dame, both structures share similarities in their medieval architectural grandeur, seen in their pointed arches and intricate stonework.

Rounding off our top five doppelganger wedding locations with an impressive score of 71 out of 100, UK residents won't need to jet overseas for a Parisian-style wedding. However, according to this venue's website, they must be members of the church to ensure the cathedral can host their special day.

As one of the driest and least windy spots in the top 10, this location is perfect for capturing the exterior of the cathedral and taking outdoor pictures on your wedding day.

To make the most of this location, be sure to mark July 26th on your calendar. With an average predicted temperature of nearly 22 degrees and a light wind speed of just 8 mph, it's perfect for everything from wedding photos to a stress-free arrival at the venue.

On the other hand, if you wish to celebrate amidst the festive magic of the cathedral, our study shows that December 18th is the ideal date for a festive wedding.

Dungeness, Kent – North Coast, Norway

Though it may seem an unlikely choice for a wedding, this quaint coastal fishing landscape on the edge of Kent mirrors the tranquil ambiance of Norway's North Coast. The minimalist architecture of both destinations blends with the natural surroundings, paired with a peaceful isolation that makes it perfect for couples who seek a small, intimate ceremony.

What’s more – wedding ceremonies can take place in the iconic lighthouse where the vast horizons and open skies make for the ultimate backdrop for wedding nuptials.

How romantic can a lighthouse be? Well, with an average sentiment score of 49 it seems this location is 81% more so than Durham Castle, deemed a replica of the Notre Dame which is situated in the most romantic city in the world – Paris.

At almost 46 meters tall, couples will be reassured to find that of our top ten locations, this ranks first being lowest speed with an average of only 10.5mph. Rest assured, your wedding photos won’t be caught in a windstorm.

Dungeness, Kent_North Coast, Norway
Valley of Rocks, Devon_Trollfjord Lofoten, Norway

Valley of Rocks, Devon - Trollfjord Lofoten, Norway

Another Norwegian inspired location, the Valley of Rocks located in Devon is famous for it’s fascinating U-shaped dry valley, framed with a stunning backdrop of the sea. This location is unofficially twinned with the Trollfjord in Norway, a two-kilometre-long fjord surrounded by steep mountains and renowned for its natural beauty and wildlife.

Couples can choose to host their special day at a seaside, grade II listed venue, with stunning views out to the ocean that make for the perfect coastal-inspired celebrations.

Average temperatures in Norway tend to peak at around 13 degrees in June, while this month is also named the hottest time of year to marry in Devon, at the picturesque Valley of Rocks. Although with an average temperature of 21.8 degrees at this time of year, that’s 67% warmer than the glaciers of Norway – meaning couples shouldn’t need to worry about bringing a jacket.

Durdle Door, Dorset - Nusa Penida, Bali

Inspired by the crystal-clear waters of Penida Island in Bali? Dorset could just be the next best thing. As one of Dorset’s most iconic landmarks on the Jurassic Coast, Durdle Door and Nusa Penida share striking similarities thanks to their breathtaking rock formations, making them some of the most photographed destinations in the world.

Although temperatures in Dorset might not rival it’s Indonesian counterpart with an overall average of just 12.2 degrees, couples could save themselves a 16 hour journey to the island, with cheapest flights starting at around £890pp.

Not only a journey saved, but a fairytale wedding awaits in Dorset. Couples can wed at a nearby castle, with exclusive access to Durdle Door.

Durdle Door, Dorset_Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
Italian Chapel, Orkney_Church of St John, St Magdalena Village, Ranui Italian Alps

Italian Chapel, Orkney - Church of St John, St Magdalena Village, Ranui Italian Alps

You can now host your wedding in a beautifully designed Italian chapel…in Scotland. Orkney’s Italian Chapel is one of its most visited attractions and has stood since World War II where it represents a long-lasting friendship between the island of Orkney and the Italians who were interned on the island at the time.

Orkney’s chapel is paired with the Church of St John located in the Italian Alps, where they both share historical and cultural significance. Both chapels are renowned for their charming architecture, and both are surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Whilst the Italian Alps may boast average temperatures of around 24 degrees in the summer, choosing to tie the knot in August at Orkney’s Italian Chapel is the closest couples will get to experiencing the allure of the Italian alps, right here in the UK.

In fact, August 24th boasts the best average weather conditions across the board – with a predicted windspeed of around 14mph, and an average temperature for the day of around 16 degrees which is 78% warmer than the average overall temperature for this destination across the year.

Fistral Beach, Newquay - Bondi Beach, Australia

Often called the Bondi Beach of Newquay, Fistral Beach in Cornwall mirrors the sweeping white sands and crystal blue waters of Australia's iconic coastline. Though located on opposite sides of the world, approximately 10,784 miles apart, both seaside hotspots are recognised as the home of surfing, while boasting vibrant beach cultures and scenes of natural beauty.

If you’re keen to try and replicate the Aussie weather here, consider a September wedding, as it is the warmest month here with average temperatures around 20°C. If you prefer a drier, less windy day, June is your best bet, featuring the lowest rainfall at 64.5mm and wind speeds up to 14.2 mph.

Fistral Beach, Newquay_Bondi Beach, Australia
St Ives, Cornwall_Dubrovnik, Croatia

St Ives, Cornwall - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rounding off our top ten locations is the breathtaking St Ives on the coast of Cornwall, capturing the Mediterranean allure of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Both coastal towns are celebrated for their stunning natural beauty and picturesque landscapes.

Couples can marry in a venue voted the best for weddings in Cornwall in 2023, that overlooks St Ives Bay.

For the warmest weather, consider a September wedding, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy St Ives' beauty without a chill in the air. Statistically, July 16th is the ideal wedding day here, featuring a maximum temperature of around 22°C, wind speeds of about 14 mph, and a minimal chance of rain with only 0.82mm of precipitation predicted.

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and excitement, whether it boasts timeless lab-grown diamonds or the vibrant allure of a colourful birthstone. Inspired by the Italian Riviera or mirroring the natural beauty of Norway's North Coast, let it be as captivating as your wedding day.


We identified the top UK Doppelganger Destinations by conducting desk research, starting with an initial list of 30 locations. This list was refined to the final top 10 based on a weighted ranking.

For each destination, we analysed 1,000 Google Reviews, focusing on keywords related to romance, weddings, and beauty. These keywords were counted, and the sentiment of each review was assessed. The reviews were ranked based on the number of keywords and their sentiment scores to determine public opinion on matrimonial themes.

Weather data for each location was sourced from the Meteostat API, using 2023 averages. We identified the hottest months by looking at the highest maximum air temperatures and then determining the driest month within the top 50% of these warm months.

Sentiment analysis was performed using TextBlob, which provided scores ranging from -1 to 1, with higher scores indicating more positive sentiment. These scores were multiplied by 100 for readability.