Loves, Unboxed

Love. It’s more than a feeling, more than a word. It's something you do. The festive season is the perfect time to celebrate all loves. Putting love at the top of every wish list.

The Pandora gift box becomes a house for memories - four walls filled with meaning and thoughtfulness. Wrapped up, it holds the promise of something new. Unboxed, it unleashes a world of emotion.

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'The Art of Loves' pop-up transforms into an immersive exhibition featuring five of the UK's leading up and coming artists. The experience takes inspiration from Pandora's festive campaign 'Loves, Unboxed', and invites the artists to create beautiful and striking pieces inspired by their personal experiences by asking 'what does love mean' to them.

Express your artistic side by creating your own beautiful digital canvas dedicated to your 'Loves' and then share your work of art and a heartfelt message to the world as it takes centre stage on the outdoor gallery screens.

This is Love in the form of Art.

Meet the artists



“It's that idea of holding on to a memory. Every time you look at it, you can be transported into memory.”



“When I think of Pandora, I think of the really strong symbolisms of things that remind me of love, like the heart image, interlocking chains.”



“I feel like Pandora creates symbols of love and relationship and they create personal stories for their pieces.”



“When I think about Pandora and Love, I think about the box and how when you open a box you don't know what's inside."

Where: Potters Fields Park, Tower Bridge, London

When: 9th-19th November

Wear your Loves…

Unbox Holiday Charm