Rose Gold
Pandora Timeless
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  • 781817CZ
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Silver
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Rose Gold
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Gold
    Available in 2 colours
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm
  • 789240C01
    Openwork Star Constellations Charm Silver
    Openwork Star Constellations Charm Rose Gold
    Openwork Star Constellations Charm
  • 781388CZ
    Sparkling Lines Openwork Charm Silver
    Sparkling & Polished Lines Charm Rose Gold
    Sparkling & Polished Lines Charm
  • 781359CZ
    Clear Sparkle Spacer Charm Silver
    Clear Sparkle Spacer Charm Rose Gold
    Clear Sparkle Spacer Charm
  • 789224C01
    Sparkling Flower Pavé Charm Silver
    Sparkling Flower Pavé Charm Rose Gold
    Sparkling Flower Pavé Charm
  • 786206CZ
    Square Sparkle Halo Charm Silver
    Square Sparkle Halo Charm Rose Gold
    Square Sparkle Halo Charm
  • 781972CZ
    Clear Sparkling Row Clip Charm Silver
    Sparkling Row Spacer Charm Rose Gold
    Available in 2 colours
    Sparkling Row Spacer Charm
  • 781051CZ
    Clear Pavé Charm Silver
    Clear Pavé Charm Rose Gold
    Clear Pavé Charm
  • 788487C01
    Blue and Clear Sparkle Charm Silver
    Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm Rose Gold
    Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm
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