Best Friend Jewellery : Friendship Bracelets

Find inspiration for the perfect gift for your best friend, with a range of best friend bracelets that are as unique and special as they are. Our friendship bracelets can be personalised so you can wear your memories forever.



How would you make your friendship bracelet special? 

My charm of choice for both my bracelet, and to give to a friend would be the beautiful inner radiance charm. I always think being with my best girlfriends brings out the best in all of us, and we always joke that we make each other more radiant! So this would be the perfect chic and beautiful memory of my closest girls!

Josie 4
Sinead 6

I always love the charms that remind me of travelling because my most special memories are always of holidays and trips I get to do with my friends and family! Me and my sister both have the ship charm from when we went on an amazing cruise around the Greek Islands! I’ll never forget it!

I'd love to add the Key of Love Pendant Charm to my charm bracelet as it reminds me of my best friend.  As we both had keys to each other's houses, the keys that spell out LOVE on this charm brings back memories of all those days and nights we spent at each other's houses talking about school, fashion and boys.  I think this symbolic pieces is the perfect gift for that special friend in your life.

Mariko Kuo - PANDORA Autumn Regal Collection